Garth Groft, Chief Software Architect

MicroComputer Task Group 

Cloud Apps Studio

York, PA. 17403



MicroComputer Task Group and Cloud Apps Studio

MicroComputer Task Group (MCTG) is a consortium of information technology developers founded and led by chief architect Garth Groft, and has been serving businesses and manufacturers, including Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years.  The company’s focus is on moving IT computer applications to the web utilizing the most cost-effective strategies and solutions.  This strategy addresses growing interest by clients in web applications accessible via mobile devices while maintaining compatible and integrated desktop applications.  In order to achieve low cost quality solutions while protecting client investment in existing applications, MicroComputer Task Group utilizes high level programming languages known for their advantage as RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools.  The MCTG team encourages client participation in the development process.  Going beyond preparing and evolving the app’s design specifications, MCTG encourages client   creation of database tables and designing reports and providing an under the hood look into every aspect of the apps design and internal structure.  

Garth is currently engaged in a major project to create an equipment quotation application for United CoolAir Inc., York Pa. This app which serves as the centerpiece for the company’s distributor and internal sales runs on customer LANs and the web.  Another web application under development for Shipment Trackers, Inc., York Pa. processes carrier shipment data and gives the company's customers access to their data via the web and features a cutting edge data search engine.  Garth’s team is widely recognized as a developer of highly intuitive HVACR equipment selection programs.  Specifically the quotation program developed for Johnson Controls was acclaimed as the best in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry.  MCTG was also commissioned to develop desktop apps for ARI and GAMA certified equipment performance ratings as well as the widely used GAMA AFUE calculation program.  Garth also authored unique and proprietary refrigerant and psychrometric properties libraries and data curve fitting software that add significant value and cost savings to client applications.  The user base for applications developed by MCTG is well over a 1000 users worldwide.  Garth has extensive knowledge of accounting, purchasing, inventory, job tracking, air-conditioning, heat transfer, mechanical engineering, numerical analysis, statistical analysis, and test data acquisition as well as CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design).  

Prior Positions:  Manager Engineering Applications Software and Manager MIS Planning for Johnson Controls, York Pa.; network applications developer for MicroEndeavors Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Military & Commercial Fasteners Corp, York Pa., and for The Leo Group, Hershey Pa.   Development Programming Languages:  Visual FoxPro, Lianja, Polar Fox, FoxInCloud, Visual Studio, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, WestWind Web Connect, SQL Server.  Formal Education:  The Johns Hopkins University, MBA and BS Mathematics/Mechanical Engineering.